Professional consultants to help you manage your Emeregency Department Revenue

Have you spent hours as an ED Manager/Director staring at revenue reports and trying to make sense of how you manage this?

This simple inexpensive, effective tool can be learned in a few hours either by paper or a database management application such as Microsoft Excel. It will help you manage your Facility and/or Professional fees.

This proven tool has been extremely successful in my career over 20 years at both large and small facilities.  I have taught many mangers to use this tool.

We identified many issues at every site that were corrected and resulted in an increase of gross revenue.

My consultation will identify simple interventions to fix coding and documentation issues in your Emergency Department.


Thank you for your patience as we continue to build this site. 

Lori has over 31 years of Emergency Department experience as a staff RN, Director, and currently as a Chief Nursing Officer/Vice President of Operations and Patient Care Services.  Since development of this tool Lori has taught many nurse managers and emergency department director to utilize this tool and help analyze their revenue which has resulted in increased gross revenues for those facilities.

Todd has many years of experience managing and analyzing data to help show trends and areas of needed improvement.  Since using this tool he has been able to identify areas of statistical significance and track the areas with both deficiencies and improvements.